The real 'Hollie & Figgs'

I am Holly and i have the most adorable cat called Tiggs!
Sound familiar? Thats because in the story Hollie and Figgs are actually based on us!

Tiggs is very special, He's my world. 
My mum Annette decided to write the story all about my friendship with Tiggs, at a time i wasn't well. I began drawing the preliminary illustration ideas which were then handed to the professional illustrator.

I wanted the Figgs` character to reflect Tiggs in real life; how cute and intelligent he is and also how he has bright green eyes and a cute pink nose.
The characters in the story are very close, and when Hollie feels lonely Figgs comes to her rescue and takes her on some magical adventures.

Pets are a very important part of peoples lives and can give a lot of comfort and reassurance.
Tiggs always meows at me when he wants something (often food!), and will walk to show me what he wants. He snuggles up to me at night; plays out in the garden and also comes to sit with me if i am unwell (almost like he knows!)
My relationship with Tiggs has made me have a huge respect and love for cats, but my appreciation of all animals has also grown.

I hope that readers will fall in love with Hollie and her cute cat Figgs as much as i have done.

See more of the real Figgs (Aka Tiggs!) on our instagram below:


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