Monday, 22 October 2018


This is my third blog post all about the making of the Hollie and Figgs theme tune and animation.
In the last post, I shared some of the initial animatics.
Maisie Grant, my animator has kept to her word and updated me on a weekly basis.
I have no idea how the finer details of the animation are put together, but I will show you what animatics Maisie has been sending me.
To be honest, I haven't had to ask her to change very much at all. It's like she was meant to work on the project and knows just what I want.
Since my last contact, Maisie has been perfecting the black and white animatics before adding the finer detail and the colour.
Here are some of the black and white animatics I haven't yet shared.

I asked Maisie about the second animatic where Figgs comes out his basket as he tends to merge into the basket. But Maisie reassured me that it will be fine further along down the line.
You can start to see the story unfolding. Maisie has been working from the original illustrations created by illustrator Andy Wintrip and Beth Hilliard, and her interpretation of the characters is exceptional. She has also created the whole animation herself, with just a short brief from me. I can't wait to show you the next instalment when colour is added. OMG, it's then you can see the characters come to life fully. And on top of that, the music adds another fun and lively dimension to the whole animation.
Please check back next week for the next post in this series.

Any enquiries can go through me or you can message these lovely creators through their social media.

Animator is Maisie Grant  
Instagram:                      mgrant_animation

Music by Danny Davis 
Facebook:            Leicester MAX Records 

Illustrator Beth Hilliard 
 Instagram:          awkwardbirdsillustrations 

Thank you to all the H&F team. I am so proud of you all.


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