Tuesday, 28 August 2018


I decided that an animation to go along with the Hollie and Figgs theme tune would go down well with young readers/ H&F fans. I must admit I love the idea myself. I never thought that I would be commissioning an animator to help bring Hollie and Figgs to life :) But why not? They are such adorable characters and I know children will love it.  
It also meant that I could help another young person gain experience in their creative field and I hope to springboard their career by showcasing their work. So I sourced out an animation student from my local university. Unfortunately, she couldn't commit to the work and so, introduced me to her friend Maisie Grant.
Maisie is now a graduate animator having achieved a first class honours degree in animation. She is now my animator and the newest H&F team member,
I haven't actually met Maisie yet, but I have spoken to her online and she kindly sent me links to some of her work to check out.


I particularly liked the animation 'Weather Dependant,' as I could see Hollie and Figgs being created in the same 2D style.
I was very excited about the possibility of commissioning Maisie and so I asked her to create a trial mini animation of Hollie and Figgs as I wanted to be sure that she was the right person for the job. She animated one of the original illustrations from Hollie and Figgs: The Missing Rainbow and here it is.  I was very impressed!

Maisie then sent me another mini animation that she'd created with Hollie holding Figgs.
This time she got the colours and the composition just right. I couldn't believe that I was watching Hollie holding Figgs in the air. I couldn't stop watching it :) This is when I knew that Maisie was the right person for the job.
My idea is to follow Maisie on her animation journey, sharing steps along the way.
I plan to do this in a series of blog posts. This being the first.
I hope you like my post and if you would like to follow the animation process with me you can. All you need to do is leave me your email address at the bottom of this post or email me at hollieandfiggs@gmail.com and I will send you updates, or you can check back here at a later date.
If anyone would like to contact Maisie for any animation work you can by emailing her at maisie.grant@hotmail.com


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