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Barnes Children's Literature Festival 2018

Another Barnes Children's Literature Festival whoop!
If you are not aware Barnes is a district in the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames and it has hosted a children's literature festival yearly in May for the past four years. It's the biggest children's literature festival in London and is growing in popularity and success. The main events run over a weekend and have some amazing children's authors and illustrators presenting their work. There are also fun workshops and activities for everyone to get involved in.
On the website, it states "We at BCLF want to get children excited about literature, literacy and creativity whilst giving them the tools to create their futures because we believe that kids can live their dreams through the power of reading and that the future is theirs to write."

Its a real buzz and hive of activity in various venues around Barnes. I visited Barnes for the first time last year and fell in love with the place. Barnes itself is worth a visit. You get a sense of an English village, art inspired with a relaxed atmosphere. It has its own village green, and pond where there is a plethora of wildlife. We saw some swans with their cygnets - so cute. A short walk from the green is the River Thames.
BCLF is not only an event for children to enjoy but parents and adults alike. In fact anyone with a love of children's literature. I'm saying that because that's just me!
I couldn't resist seeing Harry Hill this year. He is one of the funniest comedians and as a family, we love to watch his antics on TV.  He is also a children's author and has just released his new book based on himself as a child called Matt Millz. Harry didn't disappoint! Tickets were sold out and he captivated his audience straightaway with his humour and pranks. 
The children loved to join in with his funny joke competition. We had water splashed on us, a leaf blower set on us and much more. Everyone was in hysterics.
It made me think about what children like/ respond to, and what they, in fact, need in a world that's not allowing them to just be 'children' and grow up gradually.
Harry also read some of his story, which was really funny and also didn't disappoint.

I bought his book and had it signed, oh and had a photo for my album :) I bought one for me to keep and another book as a giveaway. I can't wait to read the whole book and I will write a review about it afterwards.
Then I attended Pippa Goodhart's presentation of her 'You Choose' books. Pippa is an author who has written more than a hundred books. I actually contacted Pippa some months back and asked if I could interview her. I was introduced to Pippa's books through a cashier in Sainsbury's who told me about a local author called Pippa Goodhart who wrote a book that was her son's favourite. Pippa agreed to the interview and so I set about brainstorming some questions. You can read the interview here
When I saw that she was presenting at Barnes, I had to meet her.
Pippa talked about her early life and how she began writing books. Then she shared her 'You Choose' books. My two girls would have loved these when they were younger. They are so colourful, full of fun and interactive. Pippa also read one of her books called 'Chapatti Moon'. I just love this one.

I got to buy one of her books and meet her in person which was really nice. 
Whilst I was in the queue waiting to have the Matt Millz book signed by Harry Hill. I met a lady called Susana Goncalves. She told me that she is an educational psychologist in London and we chatted about children's health and wellbeing and how very young children are having too many pressures placed on them. She was very interested in my books and the work I am doing in schools to help inspire young children. You know when you meet someone and you feel like it was meant to be. Anyway, we exchanged details and I hope to follow up the meeting.
I can't wait to see who will be attending next year. I will certainly be there again and hope to see more authors next year.
I hope you enjoyed my post.

Let me know if you have attended the festival and what your favourite bits were.


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  1. This has made me so excited to go next year! Lovely read, thankyou Annette :)


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