Monday, 2 April 2018

Book release and Story-time at Waterstones in Leicester

Hello everyone!
I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to hold a Hollie and Figgs event in none other than one of the UK's largest book retailing chains - Waterstones!

The next Storytime and Book signing event is 

Sunday 8th April 2018 starting at 2pm until 3pm in the Waterstones Bookshop Highcross, Leicester.

You`ll also get the chance to hear the brand new Hollie and Figgs theme song!

As well as the storytime event, I will be holding a book signing for anyone who buys one or both of the books!

If you do buy a book you will also receive some sweet treats, special Hollie and Figgs printed balloon and a downloadable PDF pack of colouring pages from the book!
Following my first storytime event at Waterstones Leicester, one mum left this on my Hollie and Figgs Facebook page:
'Thank you for taking the time to introduce my daughters (and me) to Hollie and Figgs' magical world. They both enjoyed the experience and asked several times already to read the books!'

Oh.. and Did I mention that the first story Hollie and Figgs: Magical Adventures is award-winning achieving a bronze award in the Wishing Shelf Children's Book Awards?

How Hollie and Figgs came to be.

Hollie and Figgs series of children's books began as a family project to help my daughter when she wasn't well. I wrote the first story Hollie and Figgs: Magical Adventures and my daughter created the characters and the initial illustrations. I decided to get it self-published and hired a professional illustrator to develop my daughter's drawings ready for printing. 
The stories are also based on my daughter and our cat, who was and still is a major comfort to her.
The books are about friendship and magical adventure with a young girl and her talking magical cat. 
At first, Hollie is unaware that Figgs can talk and is magic until he reveals his true abilities when she feels sad and lonely after moving to a new school.

My daughter Holly suffered from school phobia among physical health problems. So it has been important that the stories include life lessons, morals, and a happy ending.

I decided to take my books to primary schools where I share the books, our story and help to inspire and promote children's work. It's proving to be very popular and children love the stories and characters. My plush Hollie and Figgs props go down very well :)
Promoting and inspiring young children/adults have become a main part of my work now. I`ve worked with a fantastic student illustrator Beth Hilliard from my local university. She illustrated the second book in the series Hollie and Figgs: The Missing Rainbow and also created this adorable book trailer.

More recently a student musician from a local college Danny Davis has created a theme tune for our books. 

My plan is to play the theme song when I take the Hollie and Figgs books into schools - I have a feeling that the children will LOVE it!

My books don't have to be enjoyed by JUST children either!

They hold a story within the story and also include morals and life lessons which are great for a meaningful classroom discussion. 

They are fun, colourful, and give the reader a feel-good factor - Something everyone can enjoy!

The books also include various props that go along with the story.
My daughter Holly designed one of the props for the first book - The special invitations to a princess's ball. 
You'll have to discover what the other props could be as you read the story!

However, the props are only available if you purchase the books directly from myself, and not through Amazon, Waterstones online and the publishers' website due to them being limited edition!

If you're wanting one or both of the books that include the props,
email me at 
I will then promptly email you back with clear instructions on how to purchase to make sure you don't miss out!

Thankyou for reading!
Annette x

Don't forget: I will be at Waterstones in the Highcross Leicester at 2 pm on Sunday the 8th April.
You're all invited to come along and hear me read from the book!
Check out my Instagram to see photos from my previous events to get a taster of whats in store


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