Saturday, 31 March 2018

Hollie and Figgs Theme Tune

I am so happy to share with you Hollie and Figgs theme tune.
I had an idea to create some music and lyrics that I could to take into schools along with my books.
What I've noticed during my school visits is that children are all different, some children prefer to draw whilst others prefer to read; some like to write and others find it hard and prefer not to. Music is yet another element that comes into play. Music education in primary schools is extremely valuable and is said to aid social and educational development. By linking the book with the music it helps to bridge the gap and make the whole experience even more exciting engaging for the children.

Who created the music and lyrics?

I approached a local music college and asked if there was anyone who would like the opportunity to work with me to create a music theme for my books. I also love to work with students in order to help promote their work.
I was pleased when I got a reply and a student called Danny Davis offered to take on the challenge. It wasn't really his type of music, but he has embraced the opportunity and has done it justice.
He created the music, wrote the lyrics and arranged for a singer to sing the vocals.
It has been a new experience for me as well as I have never done anything like this before. To get some inspiration, I listened to some theme songs like Totoro, Adventure Time and Dora The Explorer, all of which were my daughter's favourite TV programmes when she was growing up.
You have to admit that Danny has done an amazing job and has been a great addition to the Hollie and Figgs team :)
If you would like to check out his work, you can it's DannyD at
He is contactable if you have any work you would like him to do.
My next plan is to get a video of both our characters Hollie and Figgs so they can be enjoyed whilst listening to the theme tune. Can't wait!


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