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My new book. Hollie and Figgs: The Missing Rainbow

If you would like to own your very own Hollie and Figgs: The Missing Rainbow book you can.

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Troubador Publishers 

If you would like a signed copy for Christmas along with a special limited edition prop (you will only get the prop if you buy the book from me) a candy cane treat and some downloadable PDF colouring in pages from the book, all in time for Christmas, email me at

The book is great quality and retails at only £7.99 It has 64 colourful pages with 18 charming full-colour illustrations children will love.

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Children love to see their work featured online. If you would like to send it to me. I love to see what creations children come up with and will try to feature as much of their work as I can.
When my children were younger this is something they would have loved and totally got on board with. It's so important to help keep children`s  imagination and creativity alive.

About the book.

I am so happy to announce that I have been working with a very talented student illustrator from the local University (De Montfort University in Leicester) Beth Hilliard.
She has taken the images from the first book and kept the charm and style of its illustrations. This to me was the most important part of creating the second book. I didn't want to lose my daughter's initial creative imagery.
Beth has been very professional and reliable throughout the whole process and I have already commissioned her to illustrate the third book in the Hollie and Figgs series.
Yes, there will be another Hollie and Figgs story and this time I will definitely get it published a little earlier. It also has a Christmas theme, which I am really excited about and will be released for sale in time for Christmas next year.

Hollie and Figgs: The Missing Rainbow.

Without giving too much away. Hollie and Figgs set off for Princess Lulubuds ball, but all doesn't go as planned. The rainbow in Hippogoblin Land has gone missing! Without it, the king has no magic and Hippogoblin land will be doomed to darkness and misery. 

After visiting schools and talking to numerous children I generated ideas of what storylines and characters they prefer. I took some of their ideas and developed the storyline accordingly. I have included some rhyme and repetition that I know children love, magic, adventure, cuteness and a sprinkle of devilishness, but nothing too scary, I promise:) 
The story involves new lovable characters, contrast and subtle conflict in the storyline which is reflected in the illustrations. Every page has something to keep any child interested and wanting to page turn and know more.
 A sneak peek of one of Beth`s amazing illustrations in the book.
Here Hollie and Figgs arrive at the palace on Smudgers a new lovable character. You can see the royal family including Princess Lulubud and a new cute character called Thomasin who`s from Chippogoblin Land.
Why is Hippogoblin Land looking dreary? Where is the magic rainbow? Why does Princess Lulubud look sad?

There are new morals included in the story. This time I have addressed issues involving problem-solving, jealousy and forgiveness. Hollie and Figgs` books are also a reminder that our lovable pets offer their friendship, trust, and comfort.
It`s a great story to generate a lively classroom discussion.  Using the story and characters to open up discussion is a great way to address issues children find hard to talk about. The story itself will be enjoyed by both children and adults alike :) 
It has a happy ending and leaves the reader wondering about Hollie and Figgs` next adventure. 
Also, there is a special treat inside the book; a prop that goes with the story and I know children will love it.

I wonder why there is a gold envelope with a miniature tiara and green bow tie?
All becomes very clear when you read the book :) 

About the Hollie and Figgs project.
The origins of Hollie and Figgs arose through my daughter's illness some years ago. I had an idea to help her and build her confidence by creating a children`s storybook whereby I write the story and my daughter illustrate it. It`s also based on my daughter and our cat. It became a labour of love and a family project. We had a lot of positive feedback about the story and my daughter's drawings so I decided to get the book published in the hope that it would help her confidence even more. I had a professional illustrator turn her pictures into charming illustrations fit for printing.
It`s been an exciting journey and has taken me into schools where I share our story, read the book, open up discussions on the themes in the story and do creative activities with the children. 
My daughter is a lot better now and is developing her own business which is truly remarkable after she has suffered from various illnesses for several years.
I decided to continue the work as I see the benefits children`s stories have on young children.

I also decided to employ a student illustrator as my aim is also to help enable young people.

My aim is to write stories children will love, inspire them to believe in themselves and their dreams. The more I write and think about the potential of children's stories reaching out to children the more motivated I feel.

Thank you for reading my post.
Let magic and dreams fill your life :) 


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