Wednesday, 30 August 2017

St Margaret's Primary School visit

Picture by Tristin

I have more amazing and unique artwork and story writing to share with you. I am always astonished at how well children respond to the story and my visits.
I visited St Margarets Church of England Primary School in Stoke Golding and again was very impressed by the children's reactions to our story and characters. They were all so very well behaved and attentive.
My purpose of these visits is to promote children's confidence, have some creative fun, and help to enable them alongside opening up a classroom discussion around the themes in the story.
As I have already discussed in previous posts,  I have been running a story writing project whereby school children contribute their ideas to a Hollie and Figgs story. I started the story off and they were to write the rest. I wanted to see how children of ages 6-9 use their imagination to create plots and work their way through a storyline. My plan is to share it on the Hollie and Figgs website and also to read it on Hollie and Figgs You Tube channel so the children can see/hear their own work on the internet in order for them to feel proud of themselves which I hope will encourage them and build their confidence.
St Margaret's children were given the finale, the end of the story to write.
Most of the children in this school preferred to draw and there were some remarkable pictures which I will share with you. Kara, Holly, George, Ellie, and Hugh contributed to the story and I have culminated their ideas to finish off the story.
There was also an Annie and a Holly in the class, my character names :)

Check out this amazing gallery the children created.
Clockwise from left to right - Betty, Heidi and  Emily`s drawings. I love the composition of Betty`s picture and how Emily has incorporated some writing, especially Hollie's top with the logo `Keep calm and carry on.` 
Clockwise from the top left. Jasmine, Kobie, Isabelle, and Annie`s drawings. I love Hollie's beautiful face on Isabelle's drawing and Kobie`s very interesting interpretation.

Clockwise from the left. Issac, Lili, and Harvey`s drawings. I really like how different and intricate Isaacs drawing is with Bob a new character. Lili has done a fantastic job of drawing Princess Lulubud and Figgs. Well done to them all!
Clockwise from the top left. No name on the first drawing, then Ava, Elise, and Thomas`s drawings. I like how Ava has set a scene for Hollie and Figgs with a picnic and I love the candy around them.
From left clockwise. Lily, Gehod, Melissa`s drawings. Look at that beautiful curly hair Hollie has. Looks just like mine :)
Clockwise from the top left. Willow, Callum, Alarna, and Isabel`s drawings. Willow has introduced new characters called Betty, Rodney, and Coco.Well done a lovely picture! I love the little princess on Isabel's drawing.Callum and Alarna have drawn detailed castles. 
Thank you to all the children and teachers for making my visit a fun time to remember. The children`s work is truly amazing and I can`t wait to read out the children's story. 


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