Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Making a magical kingdom - Part two

After the first workshop, I was really excited to host the second. The night before, I was frantically making up boxes and googling how to create paper house roof tops. I attempted some origami ones, but they were just too complex, so I decided to go with cones. Anyway, if they were good enough in the Harry Potter movies they would be more than good enough for our kingdom.
I had an idea about leaving the lid loose so children could write a wish on some paper and pop it into the box/magic house. I love to inspire children to be creative and magical. 
Face it, life gets more challenging the older you get so why not indulge in as much magic and fantasy as you can whilst you`re a child.
So we have magical tree houses, magical houses/wish boxes, magical woodland creatures and magical toadstools. All with lots of glitter and sparkle.  It`s sure to be spectacular!
  Libby informed me that she wouldn't be there on the morning of the workshop, but someone called Sheila would be available to assist if needed. 
It didn't take me as long to set up this time, which was good. 
The children and family members started to arrive and again the guessing ages game goes down a treat as an ice breaker. On meeting everyone I felt immediately at ease and knew that it was going to be fun. I was surprised how well I remembered the children's names:)
There weren't as many children this time and there was a lot more younger children too. I remembered that the younger children started to get restless quickly during the last workshop, and so I kept the reading short. I also suggested that parents use Hollie and Figgs colouring in pages to occupy them whilst I continued to read to the older children.
It all went well and the children and parents liked the story. They all couldn't wait to get involved in making their creations for the magical kingdom.
I am always pleasantly surprised with how well children take to being creative. It was lovely to see how well parents get involved as well. 
Here are some of the children showcasing their creations.
Children on the left are brother and sister Maya and Ayden.
Top right, Rupert.
Bottom right, Wilhemina.

Alice is on the left. Look how many magical objects she has made with her mum and dad. Olivia and her mum are top right. And twins Avni and Jiya bottom right with their tree houses.

Top left the children are getting ready to party pop. Top right two lovely young girls, but unfortunately I didn't get their names. Bottom right two friends, Eban and Sebastian. I can spy Scott in the bottom right:)
I had to get the group to pop the party poppers/fireworks over the kingdom as a finale. It went really well and the children loved it! 

So another successful workshop with lots of amazing and creative magical objects to fill our kingdom. Hollie and Figgs would be so proud:)
So it was sweeties to go and for me to clean up!
I wanted to say a big thank you to the Brocks Hill Country Park for allowing me to host the workshop and for their very well organised advertising campaign which meant that the workshops were fully attended.
I just hope that I left everyone with some happy memories and they will continue to support Hollie and Figgs and their Magical Adventures.
I plan to do something similar for the next book, due to be released in November this year.


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