Thursday, 20 July 2017

My visit to Lacock Village and Abbey

I just had to write a post about my visit to Lacock Village and Abbey.
I arranged a visit to the nearby safari park and as it was close by couldn't resist the opportunity to take a look at this famous English village.
I`d heard that it was featured in some of the Harry Potter movies. This was enough to get me eager to visit. I love Harry Potter and have fond memories of reading the books to my daughters when they were young.
My daughters also share my enthusiasm and couldn't wait to visit the Abbey where Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Alan Rickman, Tom Felton amongst others had been.
The Harry Potter series of stories and author JK Rowling has been extremely inspirational to me. If you are an imaginitive and creative person like me, who fantasizes about what else there is in the universe and believes that there may be other forces at play in our lives, Harry Potter is the book for you.  J K rowling is exempliary in her writing skills and knowledge of the mysterious. She is certainly a scholar to be reckonned with!
Lacock Abbey is situated in the village of Lacock in Wiltshire, England. It originated in the 13th century as a nunnery and remained a nunnery until the 16th century when Sir William Sharington converted the it into a residence where he lived with his family. 
The main living areas are on the first floor over the old cloisters. 
During the late 19th century the house was passed over to William Henry Fox Talbot. It was Willaim Talbot who made the earliest surviving photographic negative. This was actually taken from one of the windows in the Abbey. All great historical knowledge:) 
It just shows that this Abbey has had a terrific amount of history and you certainly experience that when visiting. The cloisters run below the main living quarters. You can walk around them and through the various rooms adjacent to them, all of which emanate history.

Lacock Village is one of those gems that period film prodcers love as it has no evidence of 21st century living. There are no visible ariel wires and satalite dishes.
Alongside the actual history to this amazing place I was very aware of the link with various scenes in Harry Potter films. It was understandable that the producers used this village and its Abbey. What a find!! It has the architecture, the feel and atmosphere all of which would go to create the mystical background scenery needed for such a block buster. The cloister walk where Harry comes out from Professor Lockheart`s room, where Harry hears the basilisk was filmed here. 
You can also visit Snapes Potions classroom, the Mirror of Erised room, Proffessor Quirrels Dark Arts classroom, and a Hogwarts study hall. The village was also used for Harry`s first side-along apparition. You can walk past the Babberton Arms through a shop lined square just like Voldermort did when he approached Godrics Hollow, the home of James and Lily Potter. 
You can also visit Professor Slughorns hideaway.
How exciting is all that!! 

Lacock Abbey is now in the possession of the National Trust. It was given to them in 1944 and the abbey is a grade 1 listed building. 
As William Fox Talbot was a famous photographer, part of the museum is dedicated to his work, which in itself is worth a visit.
I should also mention that great films such as Jane Austin`s, Pride and Prejudice and horror films like The Wolfman starring Anthony Hopkins was also filmed here, amongst others.
I cant believe that such quaint villages drenched in history still exist today. I came away with an experience of history, a sense of culture and inspiration for my own work. 


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