Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Ullesthorpe Primary School visit

I am a bit late in writing about my visit to Ullesthorpe Primary School, but I have to share some of the children`s work as I was so impressed with it. I visited the school in April this year. 
The children`s story ideas and artwork were amazing and they were a pleasure to read to. They showed a lot of interest in our story and characters.
We had lots of classroom discussion about friendships, moving schools and pets amongst other things. 
They loved the idea that Figgs is a cat who is magic and the best part is that he can talk.
I wrote something about my visit in an earlier post, but this one is mainly to showcase the children's work.
I have been putting together their contribution to our story.(the project I am taking into schools for children to get involved with.) It's remarkable what they came up with and through it, you can tell that they followed the story of Hollie and Figgs Magical Adventures and was truly inspired by it :) 
Look at their wonderful, colourful pictures and the astounding imagination the children have shown.
The work I am showcasing here is mainly their artwork, but they also put in alot of effort into writing their ideas for the next part of the Hollie and Figgs story.
I have used several of the children`s ideas and I can't wait to read the story on YouTube and share it with everyone on my website when it is complete.


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