Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Meeting Adrian Edmondson at the Barnes Literary Festival.

On Sunday I visited the Barnes Children's Literary Festival with my family. I booked to see Adrian Edmondson talk about his debut children's story book called "Tilly and the TimeMachine"
When I read that Adrian was going to be featured I had to book the event. He has been someone I have grown up with, watching `The Young Ones`, and `Bottom` the funniest comedy programs on TV in the 1980`s.
My daughter loves to watch the programme `Bottom` now and she was ultra excited when I said to her that I had tickets to see him and that we may even be able to meet him for a book signing.
It was a few hours journey in the car, but we set off early and managed to arrive in time to get seats near to the front of the hall.
Adrian didn't disappoint. It was like being at a show. He was entertaining and engaged with the audience; children, and parents. It was good to hear about his life and what led him to write such a funny, yet poignant story.
He reminisced about important and influential people in his life, Rick Mayall being one. If you don't know who Rick was. He played alongside Adrian's character Eddie, in `Bottom`, one of the funniest TV comedy shows ever screened.
The presentation could have been somber as there is a serious message in the story of `Tilly and The Time Machine`. But Adrian made it memorable, not only for the children but for us adults too.
His fun-loving character shone through, yet you got a sense of his genuine passion for the story.
Tilly and The Time Machine is a story for ages 7+. It is a story about a little girl Tilly who loses her mummy to cancer. Her dad is an eccentric scientist and has invented a time machine. When he asks Tilly where she would like to travel to she says she wants to go back to her 6th birthday when her mummy was still alive and she ate cupcakes. But something goes wrong and Tilly`s dad gets stuck in the past and she has to save him. She visits all sorts of places from the past.

Here is Adrian getting the audience to create the time machine. Loved it! And the little girl from the audience did amazingly.

It has subtle humour and a meaningful message. It may draw you to tears at the end. A great read for children and adults.

Here is Adrian reading a part of the story.

I had to share the photo I had taken with Adrian as it encapsulates my teenage years growing up with `Bottom` and `The Young Ones`. I managed to get a book signed for myself and my two daughters who also love his TV characters. Unfortunately, my husband didn't ask and was gutted that he didn't get a photo with him which was a real shame; a lost opportunity!  I cheekily gave him a copy of my storybook `Hollie and Figgs Magical Adventures`. I love to share my work as I am proud of getting it published and I am so happy that Adrian accepted it. I really hope he reads it. You never know!  His first children's book was published at the age of 60 and mine at the age of 55 so we have something in common :) 
I had an amazing day at Barnes. The sun shone all day and we walked to the riverside and ate a picnic in a nearby park. 
A very memorable day for us all and I wish Adrian all the very best for his future career and his amazing children's story`Tilly and the Time Machine.`


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