Saturday, 11 March 2017

Gallery of Your Pet Cats

This is our cat Tiggs, the inspiration behind the main character Figgs in our story of Hollie and Figgs Magical Adventures.
Tiggs is cute, intelligent. loyal and loving. He is very gentle and playful even though he is nearly 15 years old. He knows when its bedtime and always goes to Holly when she calls him. He has been a constant support to Holly when she needed it and he is a purfect friend.

I didn't want to miss out on featuring the main inspiration behind our book.
The amazing cat species we all love, so I decided to make a gallery just for your very own pet cats.

We all know cats are independent animals.
They can be headstrong and will only do something if they want to
Do we choose them or do they choose us?
They give us great comfort when we need it and 
they can help us when we are stressed as they have a calming influence. 
Some say they have spiritual qualities.
If a cat trusts you, you are very privileged as they choose their friends wisely.
They are intelligent and can be trained, that's only if they want to be :) 
Time spent with your cat is never wasted.
They can be funny and playful,
make strange chuffs and noises when they see another cat and 
Purr loudly when they are content

True friendship is furever.
Aren't you glad your cat chose you.
Here is your gallery. Just for you. Send me a photo with or without
the Hollie and Figgs book and tell me something that best describes your cat.

This is Meg
She is a very greedy cat and will eat up her brother's food as well as her own, but she loves to snuggle and will sit on you until she gets the fuss she loves.

This is Heidi.
 This is Domino also known as Nono`s. "She is very loyal, mischievous and loves to be around her mummy." She is photographed next to her favourite book :)
This is Mia who is 7 years old. She is a rescue cat and went to live with her owners after living rough for a while. The experience has left her somewhat jumpy and she fears she will starve if she doesn't eat, and so eats her own and everyone else's food.


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