Tuesday, 21 March 2017

"Buddy The soldier Bear" Guest Blog Post

I contacted Marie Joy who is the author of `Buddy The Soldier Bear` a delightful children's  storybook after I came across her twitter page.
The story behind the book reached out to me and so I asked Marie if she would like to receive a copy of my book Hollie and Figgs Magical Adventures in return for her children`s book.
What I like about Marie's book is that she had a dream to write a children's book in the hope to inspire children to `dream big and bring awareness to military and veteran causes.`
Marie is from Arizona USA. Her father served in World War Two and her eldest son served in Afghanistan and Iraq. When her son was deployed abroad she founded a nonprofit organization called `Hugs From Home` whereby thousands of care packages were sent to the troops.
This is where the idea for the book was born.
Buddy is a bear that goes from a lonely shelf in a toy store to the battlefield where he has a lot of adventures. Eventually, he is taken home to a loving family, which is what he has always dreamed of.
There isn't much text in the book, but it has a strong storyline and the illustrations tell all. 
The book would appeal to all children. I love the fact that the bear dares to dream of a loving family and he gets that and much more.

Marie continues her charitable work, as a portion of the proceeds from the book benefits nonprofitable organisations that support the United States soldiers and veterans. So a very well done to Marie.
Another fantastic addition to this story is that the illustrator Brandon J Pollard was also in active service in the United States army for nine years. When he left the army he studied art and has a bachelors degree in Media arts and animation. So well done to him as well. 

Buddy the Soldier Bear has 5-star rating on Amazon. With reviews like "It is sure to become a children`s classic" "A charming addition to the world of children's literature" "An outstanding children's book" "A great story and a must have book"
Personally, I love it and love the story behind the book.
You can check it out and buy it here
You can check out the website here 


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