Monday, 15 May 2017

Meet Hollie & Figgs

Hollie & Figgs is an exciting children's storybook full of magic, adventure, and a talking cat.

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to the two main characters in the book - Hollie & Figgs!
The character Hollie is based on my daughter Holly and Figgs the cat our cat Tiggs.
I wrote the story at a time my daughter wasn't well. I asked her if she would like to draw the illustrations to help her confidence and wellbeing. She agreed and we set to work. 
Our cat was a great comfort to her throughout her illness and continues to be. 
It`s been extremely important to stay as close to their characters as possible. My daughter has long fair hair. She isn't as young as Hollie in the story but has similar characteristics. Figgs is also a lot younger in the book than in real life too. He is very cute and intelligent, just like Figgs in the story.
Hollie is eight years old in the story and Figgs is four.

The project turned out well and we had lots of positive feedback from family and friends so I decided to get it professionally illustrated without losing the original charm of Holly's drawings.
To see the book published would give Holly an added confidence boost. 
It`s been very important to include a feel good factor, some morals mixed in with some magical adventures and a happy ending to the story. I also took an online course in writing for children which helped me a lot. 
Holly always loved magical adventure stories and fairy tales when she was younger and when I completed Hollie and Figgs Magical Adventures she fell in love with it and the characters.
Doing this for her has been especially therapeutic and also fun and continues to be even now she has recovered. I would highly recommend doing a project like this.
Here is a glimpse of what the story is about.
Hollie loves her cat Figgs. He is her best friend.
When Hollie has to move to a new school she feels lost and lonely, but soon finds herself being whisked off on magical adventures with her adorable cat Figgs! 
Will she overcome her loneliness and end up helping others along the way?
Will she find friends at school?
I won`t give too much away since the story has many twists and turns, adventures and life lessons! It's full of fun, magical adventure, and of course the cutest talking cat. Children (& parents) will enjoy the story. Younger children can keep up with the story by enjoying the colourful illustrations. It makes a great bedtime read, school classroom discussion, read alone book or read to story.
You will fall in love with all of the characters Hollie & Figgs meet on their adventures!
The next story will be out this year. It's yet another magical adventure. Will it be what you expect or something very different? You will have to read it to find out :) 
If you would like to send me your email address I will let you know when it`s ready to be released.

The book is available to buy from Amazon

Troubador the publisher's 
Or through this website.

Holly, Tiggs and I hope you enjoy our magical `adventure-time` read.


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